Shocking Deaths in The Vampire Diaries Season Finale


One word to describe The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale is– SHOCKING! There were deaths that I didn’t see coming. I honestly did not expect to see Klaus getting staked and Elena drown to death. All throughout the third season, Elena, Stefan, Damon and the rest of the team, had tried different ways to kill Klaus but our beloved Original Hybrid always managed to outsmart them. I couldn’t expect less from my favorite, and probably the hottest villain I know. The season finale was by far the best episode of this series. Watching it once or twice is not enough. I wanted to know for sure that I did not miss anything out.

Again, I have to say that I was not ready to see Klaus get staked. So when dark Alaric successfully staked him through the heart, I was like– NO!!! I swear I could have screamed louder than Rebekah if only I didn’t have to worry about people thinking that I’ve gone mad. So, my poor Klaus died which means, Tyler, Stefan, and Damon, would eventually die as well. On the other hand, if I remember it right, I think it was Damon’s blood used to turn Caroline. So I wonder why Caroline was only worried for Tyler. She was supposed to die too along with them. (Somebody, correct me if I’m wrong.)

With Klaus’ death was the possible doom of the Salvatore brothers. Hence, Elena had to make her choice between the two. She chose Stefan. (Of course, she did! Duh!) She might have developed some feelings for Damon but she never stopped loving Stefan. She said this to Damon over the telephone since she was headed back to Mystic Falls where Stefan and the rest of her friends were. She tried consoling Damon by saying, “Maybe if I’d met you first…” But it was then shown that she actually met Damon first. This revelation was unbearably painful to me. Damon did make an impression on Elena. To think that she even flirted with him on their first meeting! I wonder how Elena would react when she remembers everything that Damon compelled her to forget.

Elijah and Rebekah mourned the death of their brother, wondering how it was that the Salvatore brothers were still alive. Little did they know that our super witch Bonnie casted a spell to protect Klaus, who’s now possessing Tyler’s body. I was actually celebrating when I found out that Klaus was not dead after all. But I prefer seeing Joseph Morgan play the role.

And then the last shocking moment of the season finale was Elena’s death. It was also the most touching scene for me. Because of Rebekah’s doing, Elena and Matt drove off  the Wickery Bridge. While underwater, Elena had flashbacks of what happened when she was in the car crash with her parents. Stefan came to save her but she insisted that he save Matt first, which then lead to her own death. Damon then came rushing to the hospital where Elena’s body was taken. Meredith told him about what she did to help Elena recover from her serious head injury earlier that day. She had given Elena some vampire blood which means, she’ll come back to life as a vampire. And then goes the last scene, a dead Elena suddenly gasping back to life. After seeing that scene, my first thought was, “Breaking Dawn ba etech?!” 😀