Come March 23, I’ll surely be watching..

I just saw another trailer of The Hunger Games movie. Pretty much the same with the first trailer, showing scenes of the reaping and Katniss’ bravery in volunteering herself to save her sister. What I suspected from the first trailer about Primrose wearing the mockingjay pin (instead of Madge Undersee, in the book) was confirmed when it showed a scene where Katniss gives the pin to Prim (which seems to be before the reaping starts). Then also goes Katniss and Gale’s touching goodbye. The best part of it was Peeta! *inlove* And not to mention, the whistling effect in the end gave me the chills. Very… Hunger Games..
“I just keep wishing I can think of a way to show them that they don’t own me.
If I’m gonna die, I want to still be me.” -Peeta Mellark
Plus! The movie soundtrack ‘Safe & Sound’ is sang by my favorite, Taylor Swift! And the MV is going to be released soon! This couldn’t get any better! I’m super duper excited! 🙂

Taylor Swift ‘Ours’ Music Video

As a certified Swifty, I can’t help blogging about Taylor’s new music video. Ours is one of the songs in her Speak Now Album. I’ve seen comments about how the MV makes people cry and how they can relate to it. Congratulations, TS! It didn’t make me teary-eyed or something when I first watched it. (That’s thanks to my super boring love life.) But when I watched the video again (minus the video buffer interruptions), it did touch me. Maybe it’s the storyline or probably, just because it’s Taylor Swift! Hope you also enjoy the video below. 🙂
(video credits: Swift BR)