Sofitel King Bed

One of the highlights in my trip to Manila last December was the special sleepover with my fabulous friends at Sofitel. Thanks to our very generous friend, Olive, we could spend a night in one of the luxurious rooms in the hotel. What better way of spending happy times with a bunch of friends whom I haven’t seen since graduation day (which was like almost two years ago?!) than by a slumber party a.k.a. chikka-galore-night in an exquisite room with the biggest and most comfy bed I’ve ever laid on! 🙂

F is for Fab Friends!

It may not look it but we're all ladies here...

It was a memorable night filled with fun and laughter. We haven’t been in touch with each other for a while so we had lots of stories to tell. One night wasn’t enough for us to talk about everything but we just made the most of what we got. Can’t wait for the next slumber party!

In this Sofitel King bed, we will never be apart..

I’ve just gotta emphasize that I super loved the glorious bed! It was so soft and laying on it felt heavenly! And, it was incredibly big! Just imagine, the four of us (I, Olive, Jenny, & Kimmy) could fit in comfortably. There was even room for one more! Too bad our other friend, Char, couldn’t make it that night.

The Club Room

We stayed in one of the most expensive rooms in the hotel. No wonder everything in it spells A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

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