Weddings in June

June is a famous month for weddings. I wondered why getting married in June is considered good luck so I googled and found some explanations. Some relates it to Juno, the goddess of marriage, from which the month was named after. Back in the middle ages, June was also traditionally considered as the marriage month because people were clean from their annual May baths. There could be more explanations to this but it’s not really that much of a big deal for me. Choosing the wedding date is all up to the couple.

So, this month I attended two weddings. I love attending weddings. I love seeing the bride in her gorgeous wedding dress, and my favorite part is when she walks down the aisle towards the altar where the groom awaits. I also love seeing people all dressed-up for the occasion. One thing though, in all three weddings that I’ve been to, all of them have the motif of blue. So another question would be, why the color blue? 🙂

Alvin & JL 

June 2, 2012
St. Joseph Cathedral, Tagbilaran City
Reception at Bohol Tropics Resort

The newly weds with some Bohol tour guides

I met Alvin in our tour guiding seminar a couple of years ago. As aspiring tour guides, our group easily got along with each other and became friends. When Alvin’s wife, JL, delivered their first baby, I was one of the first people who visited them in the hospital. Then they chose me to be one of Chelsea’s (their daughter’s) godmothers. Chelsea is my first god-daughter! It was such a delight to be given a special part in her life. After a year Alvin and JL’s second child, a cute baby boy named Basti, was born. What a lovely family! Once again this year I was given the chance to be a part of another special occasion, their wedding. I couldn’t be more grateful. I wish them all the best in life! 🙂

Milbert & Analyn

June 14, 2012
San Antonio De Padua Chapel

Milbert and Analyn are two of my good childhood friends. Our friendship started when we became Altar Servers several years ago. We haven’t been in touch with each other in a long time. I was surprised one day when Manoy sent me a chat msg inviting me to their wedding. I was surprised! I had known that they’ve been a couple for a while now but it’s different when they take it to the next level, the M life. I am utterly happy for them! One more thing, they’re expecting their first baby in September. I am so excited! Cheers to the lovely couple! 🙂

I and the happy couple 🙂

with Almira

my childhood buddies

Attending their wedding also means seeing my other childhood friends. It’s been a really really loooonng time since I last saw them so it was so great to be with them even just for a few hours. We didn’t have much time to catch up with each others lives but really, just being with them was more than enough for me. It was the icing on the cake. I look forward to spending more time with them soon. 🙂

Photos by roxipie