Davao City Day 1

June 16, 2012

It was a sunny day in Davao City. We arrived at around 1:30pm via Cebu Pacific from Cebu. From the airport, we went straight to Microtel for the pre-registration. Then after our late lunch, we had our Davao City tour. Here are some pics of the places we visited on our first day. 🙂

with TG Ruby and TG JD at Davao City Airport arrival area

Kublai Cafe at Ponce Suites, the ARTBAHAY of Kublai Millan

One of the unique and artistic cafe’s I’ve been to. It was a very quick stop just to let us take a few pictures of  Kublai Millan’s (the owner) impressive artworks.

Notice the baby oble at the side? cute 🙂 Kublai is a Fine Arts graduate of the University of the Philippines Diliman

D’Bone Collector Museum

 Davao Crocodile Park

We started the tour at around 3pm which left us only a few hours for the tour. We were supposed to watch a fire dance but unfortunately, the dancers had a show in another place. Our first day in Davao was well-spent. A bit exhausting, but the fun was totally worth it. 🙂

One thing Tagbilaran and Davao City have in common- A road named after the 4th Philippine President.

Photos by roxipie

Hello Davao City!

The highlight of my eventful month of June is my trip to Davao City with my fellow BITGAP members. This year’s National Tour Guides Convention was held in Davao City. The first convention two years ago was held in Bohol, then the 2nd was in Palawan. I wasn’t able to attend last year’s convention so I made up for it by going this year. It was such a wonderful trip! I had a lot of fun and I instantly fell in love with Davao! Weeehh!!! ❤

I had loads of first times in this trip. After all, it was my first time to visit Davao. I was very excited for the trip. Funny thing though, for the first time (and hopefully the last time too), I was late for my boat trip to Cebu. I got left behind. I know, it was all my fault. Lucky for me, I could get the next trip on the same day without having to pay for another ticket. What started not well turned out just fine. But I swear there will never be a next time. Haha!

Let me give an overview of what we did in the trip:

June 15 (Friday) -We spent overnight in Cebu since we didn’t want to have any problem with our flight to Davao on the next day.

June 16 (Saturday) -First day in Davao City! We pre-register for the convention and got our kits. We also had a Davao City tour before heading to Chataeu de Veronica, where we stayed.

June 17 (Sunday) – First day of the convention. During the day, we had Davao City and Eden Nature Park and Resort tour. Then in the evening, we had a fellowship dinner hosted by Davao City Mayor, Sarah Duterte.

June 18 (Monday) -Second day of the convention. We had the plenary during the day, followed by the culmination program and dinner hosted by the Department of Tourism.

June 19 (Tuesday) -Samal Island escapade!

June 20 (Wednesday) -Flight Davao-Cebu; boat trip Cebu-Bohol; Home Sweet Home

I’ll never get tired of sharing about my wonderful trip to Davao! More pics to be posted! Yay! 🙂