It’s Never Too Late For A Christmas Greeting

I know it’s a bit late to greet but let me say it anyway. Merry Christmas and  happy new year!!!  This Christmas was the most unforgettable  one for me and my family. We ended the year 2011  with  mixed emotions. I don’t know how to explain everything now so I’ll just share about it in my future posts.  Too many stories to tell that I don’t know where to start. The last thing I want to do is to post something incoherent and confusing for my first blog post for this new year. Will share everything soon. That’s a promise. -roxipie

3rd Day of Craziness

Ate Jenny’s baby Lenovo here is just too cool that I didn’t want to miss this chance to enjoy it while she’s out for work. *wink* And what better way of enjoying it than by making a blog entry! 🙂 It’s my third and (sadly) final day here in Manille. It’s been really great! I met with friends whom I haven’t seen in almost two years. I’ve missed them so much! Moments with them have been crrazzy! Haha! Zero dull moments. It’s been a while since I last unleashed my crazy self with a bunch of equally crazy people! They’re just so crazily fun to be with! Despite how different each of our lives turned out, it’s nice to know that we still haven’t forgotten of the old times. That we can easily talk and laugh about funny moments back in college, and share about stuff that we’ve encountered since then, good or bad, whether it’s about a break up with a boyfriend or a career change. I really had a great time! Too bad, it’s about to end and I don’t know when we’ll be able to spend time like this with each other again. It’s kinda sad but I know that there will surely be a next time. 🙂

My Prayer

Last night, while I was sleeping soundly and enjoying the sound of  the rain and the rush of  the wind, I had no idea.. that somewhere, people were dying. This is so devastating. Please help us, God. Please give us strength to overcome this obstacle. Bless those who are affected by the storm. 😥

OMG Weekend

December 10-11, 2011
Last week was a bad week for me. I caught a cold for the nth time this year and it was terrible. I didn’t have fever but my nose was literally dripping and I couldn’t stop sneezing and coughing! Just when I was planning to resume my guiding career. And to make it worse, I couldn’t do my online tutorials for seven days straight! This is a catastrophe! OMG!!! On the bright side, last week wasn’t completely dull and boring despite me getting sick. In fact, it became better in the weekend. A few things made my weekend OMG-ishly significant:
1. Eclipse of the Moon
Left: Lunar Eclipse, Right: After the Eclipse
Who says the moon can never be a star? Last Saturday night, our dear Luna was definitely the ‘star of the night’. The Lunar Eclipse could be witnessed last Saturday night. Too bad I couldn’t see it for myself. I had to work ’til midnight. By the time I went out to catch a glimpse of it, the moon has already regained its normal form – round and bright.
2. It isn’t Christmas without the Tree

I wanted a big christmas tree this year but I couldn’t afford it. So better luck next year. We took out our 4-year old Christmas tree and decorated it with new sparkly ornaments and new christmas lights. Our tree may only be 1 meter tall but it’s the best one we’ve had so far.

3. Anime Me

Left: Me, Center: My Sissy, Right: My Li’l Bro

My sister shared to me this website that allows us to design our own anime/avatar. Being a big anime fan that I am, I enjoyed creating avatars for myself and my siblings. Aren’t they cute? Each one resembles ourselves. One of these days, I’m gonna make avatars for my favorite TVD characters. (Can’t wait!) Try it yourself!

4. Mind your own MisoCutlets!
This has officially become my original way of saying, ‘Mind you own damn business!’ All thanks to a certain someone who’s been outright mean and judgmental. I get that everyone has the right to express what they want to say or write. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need to be careful with our words. Just because you have something to say about someone or a few people from a certain group or system, doesn’t give you the right to judge the group as a whole. Especially when you know so little about them. Just because you come from a ‘rich’ country, as you’ve said, does not mean you can judge and belittle people from a developing country. If you are that unhappy and fed up with a bunch of conceited kids, then why the hell are you still here after 2 and a half years? And just so you know, learning is a two-way process. If even after all those lesson hours and all those people who did their best to teach you, and still you haven’t gotten the learning satisfaction you so wanted, you might want to stop blaming others. Clearly, you’ve been looking at the wrong direction. So you better go and get yourself a mirror!

5. No Thank You? (details to be added soon…)

6. Buzzing with girl friends

The best part of my weekend was my lunch date and shopping galore with my special girlfriends! It’s been almost a year since I last hung out with them. I loved the resto (The Buzz Cafe), loved the food, and most especially, loved the people.

7. Stupid never catch coldSomeone told me that in their country, they have a saying that says stupid people don’t catch a cold. Well, I think my cold has overly made it’s point for visiting me almost every month this year. Had I known it takes at least dozen colds a year to be smart, I’d rather be stupid for the rest of my life. *pun intended*

Dawn is Breaking

I would love to post a review about Breaking Dawn Movie Part One. If only I had watched the movie. Yes, I’m a big loser. I have waited months for the movie but when it’s finally up in the theaters, I can’t watch it. Ggrrrhh! *frustrated* I am upset and very disappointed. Not only because I can’t watch a movie that I’ve been dying to watch, but mostly because of myself. I failed myself, again. After all the encouraging words I said about leveling up my life, I am here back with nothing. Still as stagnant and as boring as ever. I hate this, and most of all, I hate myself for being like this. I know I need to really get a hold of myself and start making things right ASAP- by that i mean, NOW. It’s not difficult but why can’t I do it for —-‘s sake?!!!
I need inspiration. Where are you? They say that the key to success is 99% percent perspiration and 1% inspiration. Well, thing is.. I can’t perspire without getting inspired! My family inspires me but it’s just not enough this time. I need to do something or else I’ll be doomed forevah! Seriously. Dear God, help me. Please. ;-(

Hello Sweet November!

Hello blog! I am deeply sorry for having neglected you for the past three weeks. Believe me when I say that I tried to post something here. There were several things I wanted to blog about but each time I tried to create a post, my brain just wouldn’t come up with intelligent words to express my mind. Or, perhaps I was just being my lazy self. I know that there’s no excuse for that so here I am, trying to make up for it.
The last thing I shared in this blog was about the CSR activity I did with my fellow BITGAP members. It sure was a very fulfilling experience for me. I’ll share more about it in my future posts. Aside from that, many things came up and I’ve been sort of busy recently. My sissy arrived home and we’re starting up a book rental business. It’s actually a trial run cause we still have to see if it’s gonna work out. One of the things I’ve realized lately is that I must start something. Nothing will happen if I just keep on dreaming and planning without implementing any actions. I’ve spent the last 24 yrs of my life dreaming and imagining the things I want to accomplish. It’s about time that I actually do something about it. It wouldn’t matter if I fail at first, or 10 times after that, it’s better than doing nothing. I and my ‘chums’ are also starting an online shop. No one knows if it’s going to be successful but there’s no turning back now. We’ll give our best shot and pray a lot. *fingers crossed*

I’ve taken a long break from my tour guiding career and I even thought of stopping for good. Four months hiatus really ruined my momentum. I thought of changing careers and looking for another job. But the big problem is, I really don’t know where to go from here. I can choose to leave and try my luck in the big city. It was my plan in the first place before I graduated.. before everything became out of place and life’s drama started rolling. *sigh* But with the current condition, I can’t be selfish and decide only for myself. The best choice is to stay and make do with what I have now. Flying will have to wait. Specially when I can’t even spread my wings yet.

And now, enough with the serious talk. November has come and Christmas is fast approaching. Woot! Before this year ends, there are several things I’m looking forward to. There’s this wedding that I’ll be attending next month. It’s the first wedding I’ll be attending in like, my entire life, so I’m really super excited for it. Never mind the fact that I still haven’t saved money for my plane ticket. And not to mention, the dress and present that I’ll have to prepare. Plus, Christmas is just around the corner, which means more presents to buy! So I really have to get my butt back to work. Tour guiding galore! So I pray for bajillion tourists to come so I can get hired. But before that, I need to study and review to refresh my memory and get back on track.

Then there’s my TVD craze. I feel bad for not being able to post updated review or quotes from episodes four and onwards. I haven’t missed any of The Vampire Diaries episodes but I haven’t been religious in blogging about it. I blame it all to my lazy self. From now on, I’ll do my best to post and share as much as I can. There’s so much more I want to share but they will have to wait. I can’t be blogging and watching TV shows all the time, can I? Especially not now that I am making baby steps towards fulfilling my goals. Nevertheless, I would like to declare that in these past weeks, I have completely fallen for Klaus! This is an important realization for me. Haha!

So, that’s all for now. I need to hit the sack cause I’ve got an early day tomorrow. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to blog again but I’ll do my best to make time for it as often as possible. Ciao!