Halfway Through 2012

I haven’t been able to post much lately and I feel bad for it. Whatever happened to that ‘one output a day’ plan that I had? Duh! I don’t want to think about it anymore. I failed again and no excuse can save me from the self disappointment that I feel right now. It’s like I could hear my conscience saying, “I told you so.”–I know, right?!

So anyway, time flew once again and before I even realized it, the month of June is over! Darn! That was really quick! So now that we’re halfway through the year 2012, let me share my eventful first half.


  • New year, new home! -We moved to a new house cause our apartment got burned on Christmas day last year. Big news!
  • My brother’s birthday month!
  • My  bday month too!
  • Got a very special present, Klaus 🙂
  • Lolo died
  • Lola died too 😦


  • Single-awareness day
  • Batch Six Bomb island hopping adventure -Gathering with my high school batchmates. My 1st visit to Balicasag and Virgin island.
  • BITGAP familiarization tour in Tarsier Botanika
  • BITGAP General Assembly


  • Li’l bro’s graduation! Weeh! Family celebration! 🙂
  • Ate Cheryl’s despedida
  • The Hunger Games movie!- Oh yeaaahhh!!!


  • Holy week
  • Tour guiding galore!


  • Noticed a lump on my neck and discovered I was Darna! (Kidding aside, I found out I have goiter.)
  • BITGAP familiarization tour in Banacon Mangrove Plantation


  • Mother’s bday!
  • Sister’s bday too!
  • Alvin & JL’s wedding
  • Milbert & Analyn’s wedding
  • National Tour Guide’s Convention in Davao City! 🙂

There you go! The big things in the first six months of 2012. I wonder what more is in store for me before this year ends. Keep’em coming! Raarrrr!!!  😀

Happy Easter Baby

Since today was Easter Sunday, most families in my hometown were probably off to the beach. But as for me and my family, we decided to head downtown. We don’t usually go out together on weekends so today was pretty special. We planned on going to church in the morning but we couldn’t make it in time for the morning mass so we decided to hit the mall first. We had lunch and did a little shopping. We then attended the holy mass at 2pm. Then we went to the barber shop for our baby’s 2nd hair cut. The first time our baby had a hair cut, he cried a lot and it was quite messy. Thankfully, he behaved well today. We’re so proud of our brave little one. 🙂

Good Friday

‘Tis the day to reflect about our life, and ask forgiveness for all our wrong doings. Born and raised in a Catholic family, I remember going to church and attending the holy mass, station of the cross and procession every holy week in my childhood and early teenage years. Back then, doing all those things in the holy week seemed so natural. I did what my parents and the elderly say that I should do. It was like if I didn’t do it, I will not go to heaven. I guess being a child and innocent then, didn’t make me question what we were doing and why. I even thought that being catholic was the normal thing and that other religions were strange and different. Nobody explained to me about people having different beliefs and religions. That’s what I get from growing up in a Catholic family and going to catholic school. When I went to college, I learned more about the world, the society, religions and more, and a lot happened since then. My holy week tradition stopped, and some of my views changed. I am fully aware about the essence of the Holy week, and yes, I do believe in God and Jesus. But I admit that I am not as religious as I was before. I go to church once in a while, I pray as often as I can, I do my best to be good and try to do the right thing and avoid hurting others. Some people think that it’s not enough but I don’t care about what they think. Life has shown me many things that made me what I am now, including my beliefs and perspective in life.

Hello world!

Hello world! 🙂

Whateverbyroxipie is now in wordpress! I love posting pictures in my blog and wordpress makes it a lot easier for me to do so. The last thing I want is to spend so much time editing my layout. Since wordpress saves me all the time and frustration, it’s safe to say that for now, I’m here to stay.. 🙂


Everything is in His Plans

I just read this post on Facebook. With everything that has happened recently, I sometimes feel so lost and hopeless. When I reflect on myself and see the situation that I and my family are in, I can’t help asking why. And since I can’t find the answer, I just keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason and that God has His own purpose. This story inspires me more.

Me: God, can I ask You a question?
God: Sure
Me: Promise You won’t get mad
God: I promise
Me: Why did You let so much stuff happen to me today?
God: What do u mean?
Me: Well, I woke up late
God: Yes
Me: My car took forever to start
God: Okay
Me: at lunch they made my sandwich wrong & I had to wait
God: Huummm
Me: On the way home, my phone went DEAD, just as I picked up a call
God: All right
Me: And on top of it all off, when I got home ~I just want to soak my feet in my new foot massager & relax. BUT it wouldn’t work!!! Nothing went right today! Why did You do that?
God: Let me see, the death angel was at your bed this morning & I had to send one
of My Angels to battle him for your life. I let you sleep through that
Me (humbled): OH
GOD: I didn’t let your car start because there was a drunk driver on your route that would have hit you if you were on the road.
Me: (ashamed)
God: The first person who made your sandwich today was sick & I didn’t want you to catch what they have, I knew you couldn’t afford to miss work.
Me (embarrassed):Okay
God: Your phone went dead bcuz the person that was calling was going to give false witness about what you said on that call, I didn’t even let you talk to them so you would be covered.
Me (softly): I see God
God: Oh and that foot massager, it had a shortage that was going to throw out all of the power in your house tonight. I didn’t think you wanted to be in the dark.
Me: I’m Sorry God
God: Don’t be sorry, just learn to Trust Me…. in All things , the Good & the bad.
Me: I will trust You.
God: And don’t doubt that My plan for your day is Always Better than your plan.
Me: I won’t God. And let me just tell you God, Thank You for Everything today.
God: You’re welcome child. It was just another day being your God and I Love looking after My Children…

(Image from tumblr)

Twenteen-Fifth Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to me!  I couldn’t be more grateful to God for His gift of life. For my 25 years of existence, He has showered me with so much blessings. Some of which I haven’t appreciated well in the past. But  still, God never  ceased to   give me His love. Thank you so much, Lord!

My day was also made extra special by the warm greetings from people who remembered. Even the simplest greeting means a lot to me! Thank you, friends!

With this birthday comes a realization and a promise to myself. To make my life more meaningful by making more people happy. To be a better person and to give the best of what I have. To improve my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. To be happy and share the happiness with others. To build  good relationships and be closer  to God.  All these and more, I’ll strive to  achieve this year. Gambaremasu!  Fighting! 🙂

It’s Never Too Late For A Christmas Greeting

I know it’s a bit late to greet but let me say it anyway. Merry Christmas and  happy new year!!!  This Christmas was the most unforgettable  one for me and my family. We ended the year 2011  with  mixed emotions. I don’t know how to explain everything now so I’ll just share about it in my future posts.  Too many stories to tell that I don’t know where to start. The last thing I want to do is to post something incoherent and confusing for my first blog post for this new year. Will share everything soon. That’s a promise. -roxipie

3rd Day of Craziness

Ate Jenny’s baby Lenovo here is just too cool that I didn’t want to miss this chance to enjoy it while she’s out for work. *wink* And what better way of enjoying it than by making a blog entry! 🙂 It’s my third and (sadly) final day here in Manille. It’s been really great! I met with friends whom I haven’t seen in almost two years. I’ve missed them so much! Moments with them have been crrazzy! Haha! Zero dull moments. It’s been a while since I last unleashed my crazy self with a bunch of equally crazy people! They’re just so crazily fun to be with! Despite how different each of our lives turned out, it’s nice to know that we still haven’t forgotten of the old times. That we can easily talk and laugh about funny moments back in college, and share about stuff that we’ve encountered since then, good or bad, whether it’s about a break up with a boyfriend or a career change. I really had a great time! Too bad, it’s about to end and I don’t know when we’ll be able to spend time like this with each other again. It’s kinda sad but I know that there will surely be a next time. 🙂

My Prayer

Last night, while I was sleeping soundly and enjoying the sound of  the rain and the rush of  the wind, I had no idea.. that somewhere, people were dying. This is so devastating. Please help us, God. Please give us strength to overcome this obstacle. Bless those who are affected by the storm. 😥