Halfway Through 2012

I haven’t been able to post much lately and I feel bad for it. Whatever happened to that ‘one output a day’ plan that I had? Duh! I don’t want to think about it anymore. I failed again and no excuse can save me from the self disappointment that I feel right now. It’s like I could hear my conscience saying, “I told you so.”–I know, right?!

So anyway, time flew once again and before I even realized it, the month of June is over! Darn! That was really quick! So now that we’re halfway through the year 2012, let me share my eventful first half.


  • New year, new home! -We moved to a new house cause our apartment got burned on Christmas day last year. Big news!
  • My brother’s birthday month!
  • My  bday month too!
  • Got a very special present, Klaus 🙂
  • Lolo died
  • Lola died too 😦


  • Single-awareness day
  • Batch Six Bomb island hopping adventure -Gathering with my high school batchmates. My 1st visit to Balicasag and Virgin island.
  • BITGAP familiarization tour in Tarsier Botanika
  • BITGAP General Assembly


  • Li’l bro’s graduation! Weeh! Family celebration! 🙂
  • Ate Cheryl’s despedida
  • The Hunger Games movie!- Oh yeaaahhh!!!


  • Holy week
  • Tour guiding galore!


  • Noticed a lump on my neck and discovered I was Darna! (Kidding aside, I found out I have goiter.)
  • BITGAP familiarization tour in Banacon Mangrove Plantation


  • Mother’s bday!
  • Sister’s bday too!
  • Alvin & JL’s wedding
  • Milbert & Analyn’s wedding
  • National Tour Guide’s Convention in Davao City! 🙂

There you go! The big things in the first six months of 2012. I wonder what more is in store for me before this year ends. Keep’em coming! Raarrrr!!!  😀

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