Good Friday

‘Tis the day to reflect about our life, and ask forgiveness for all our wrong doings. Born and raised in a Catholic family, I remember going to church and attending the holy mass, station of the cross and procession every holy week in my childhood and early teenage years. Back then, doing all those things in the holy week seemed so natural. I did what my parents and the elderly say that I should do. It was like if I didn’t do it, I will not go to heaven. I guess being a child and innocent then, didn’t make me question what we were doing and why. I even thought that being catholic was the normal thing and that other religions were strange and different. Nobody explained to me about people having different beliefs and religions. That’s what I get from growing up in a Catholic family and going to catholic school. When I went to college, I learned more about the world, the society, religions and more, and a lot happened since then. My holy week tradition stopped, and some of my views changed. I am fully aware about the essence of the Holy week, and yes, I do believe in God and Jesus. But I admit that I am not as religious as I was before. I go to church once in a while, I pray as often as I can, I do my best to be good and try to do the right thing and avoid hurting others. Some people think that it’s not enough but I don’t care about what they think. Life has shown me many things that made me what I am now, including my beliefs and perspective in life.

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