Chihayafuru Season 2, please!

Will there be a season 2 of Chihayafuru? I don’t really know but I sure wish that there will be more. The 25 episodes in the first season were just not enough! I want to know how the story will go and I want to see more of the characters so badly that it kinda frustrates me. It’s like the time when Kimi ni Todoke Season 1 ended and that I really wanted season 2 to start immediately. But at least in that case, I could read the manga so I could still find out what was going to happen next. However, I can’t find recent chapters of Chihayafuru! Where is it? If there’s anyone of you who knows where I can read the chapters after where the anime ended, pretty please, tell me! @_@

What I love about Chihayafuru?

Three things…

Karuta is a very interesting card game. I wouldn’t have known about it if not because of this anime. I know that the way it’s being played in the anime is somewhat exaggerated but still, I find it very unique and challenging. I can never play that game.

One thing that makes me want to watch an anime series is the quality of it’s animation. Chihayafuru’s animation is actually very good. The characters are drawn beautifully which makes them lovable and very pleasing to watch.

The story itself is very exciting. It’s not the type of anime where the characters are always winning the games. It has a touch of reality in it. The characters strive to be better in order to achieve their goals. As the story develops, we also see the characters grow in different ways, which intrigues me. I can’t wait too see how far they would go to reach their dreams. And not to mention, the love story- though shown subtly in the first season- is totally worth watching out for. Arata, Chihaya and Taichi love triangle? Most people seem to expect that. But who knows? Some other characters might join the party. I love both Arata and Taichi. But if I were to choose between them for Chihaya, I’m rooting for Taichi! 🙂

Please, please, please.. Pretty please.. Let there be a Chihayafuru Season 2!!!

5 thoughts on “Chihayafuru Season 2, please!

  1. arggh!! I totally understand. Apparently in Japan, this wasn’t exactly a coveted show, so the possibility of a second season is very low, considering there weren’t many viewers watching it. Another reason is that this is a josei anime. It seems that in Japan, the possibility of making a josei anime is in of itself very rare. Also, this anime was made to broadcast at night at 9:00 p.m, possibly contributing to its low viewer profile. This show is also more loved in western countries than it is in Japan, which is ironic as Karuta is actually a japanese sport. However at the same time understandable, as many japanese viewers, might’ve associated karuta with boredom and with an apathetic nature. It makes me mad to think that shows with such depth and inspiration would be cast aside and disregarded. This show is inspirational, it tells you that if you work hard you will achieve your dreams- they might not turn out the way you imagined them to be, but in the end the road to achievement itself has a profound effect. Also, sometimes we are forced to confront people with talents that clearly out shadow our own and we feel overwhelmed at their powers and their incredible abilities but in times like this, rather than being “the dumb dog that barks the loudest “, “even if we are paralyzed we can move freely” (Chihaya, ep 12) and fight them face to face. I disagree with you when you say that the anime and manga display karuta in an exaggerated manner. The whole time, the story is told in their views and it is through them that we see karuta- to the characters karuta is something like that- its their world, so in their point of view, its fast, mentally challenging and absolutely mind-blowing, requiring utmost concentration to the last millisecond of the match! It is so important that it deserves that kind of view.

    I REALLY WANT A SECOND SEASON OF THIS ANIME TOO. The manga is amazing too, but you know its a lot better to actually look at the action than to see still frames of it, though I must admit, Suetsugu Yuki did a fantastic job in portraying her story. Her manga is full of creativity and complex designs that are so unique to her. She has a great talent and I deeply respect her. I hope that she would very successful one day. “May the odds be ever in [her] favor.”

    • Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it. 🙂 I guess the way they showed how Karuta was played in the anime was too amazing for me that I found it kinda exaggerated. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the way the anime portrayed the game. I really wish there’ll be a season two. The possibility may be very low but I’m still really really hoping for it.. 🙂

      • You know even with the low possibility, I still think that there is a very high possibility for a second season. First of all the end of the first season strongly indicated that. Chihaya was wearing the same clothes that she was in the first episode so its very very possible. says that it was secretly confirmed. They were right about many animes so who know maybe they’re right about this one too? I HOPE THEY ARE!!

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