3rd Day of Craziness

Ate Jenny’s baby Lenovo here is just too cool that I didn’t want to miss this chance to enjoy it while she’s out for work. *wink* And what better way of enjoying it than by making a blog entry! 🙂 It’s my third and (sadly) final day here in Manille. It’s been really great! I met with friends whom I haven’t seen in almost two years. I’ve missed them so much! Moments with them have been crrazzy! Haha! Zero dull moments. It’s been a while since I last unleashed my crazy self with a bunch of equally crazy people! They’re just so crazily fun to be with! Despite how different each of our lives turned out, it’s nice to know that we still haven’t forgotten of the old times. That we can easily talk and laugh about funny moments back in college, and share about stuff that we’ve encountered since then, good or bad, whether it’s about a break up with a boyfriend or a career change. I really had a great time! Too bad, it’s about to end and I don’t know when we’ll be able to spend time like this with each other again. It’s kinda sad but I know that there will surely be a next time. 🙂


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