Dawn is Breaking

I would love to post a review about Breaking Dawn Movie Part One. If only I had watched the movie. Yes, I’m a big loser. I have waited months for the movie but when it’s finally up in the theaters, I can’t watch it. Ggrrrhh! *frustrated* I am upset and very disappointed. Not only because I can’t watch a movie that I’ve been dying to watch, but mostly because of myself. I failed myself, again. After all the encouraging words I said about leveling up my life, I am here back with nothing. Still as stagnant and as boring as ever. I hate this, and most of all, I hate myself for being like this. I know I need to really get a hold of myself and start making things right ASAP- by that i mean, NOW. It’s not difficult but why can’t I do it for —-‘s sake?!!!
I need inspiration. Where are you? They say that the key to success is 99% percent perspiration and 1% inspiration. Well, thing is.. I can’t perspire without getting inspired! My family inspires me but it’s just not enough this time. I need to do something or else I’ll be doomed forevah! Seriously. Dear God, help me. Please. ;-(

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