The Vampire Diaries S03E03: The End of The Affair

Team Stekah, Baby!

Okay, so I get that Stefan (Paul Wesley) always gets the girls. Two doppelgangers: one is a vampire, the other is human. Sure, he can handle that. But an ‘original’ vampire? Come on! *rolling my eyes*
Yes, you read it right. Turns out that back in the 20’s, in the peak of his Ripper days, Stefan had met Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and actually had a ‘thing’ between Klaus’ little sister, Rebekah (Claire Holt). I have to say that I love Claire as Rebekah. I’ve seen her in Pretty Little Liars, and honestly, when I found out that she was going to play a vampire role in TVD, I had difficulty picturing her out as a vampire. And little did I expect that she was, in fact, playing an original vampire role! In my opinion, she’s perfect for the role and I would love to see more of her in TVD. Good luck to Katherine and Elena (Nina Dobrev). Seems they’ve got themselves another tough competition. Stefan’s love life has gotten more complicated. How it’ll end up is definitely worth watching out for. I’m personally rooting for either Katherine or Rebekah. *Please just let Elena go to Damon.*
Why oh why do these girls keep falling for Stefan? What about Damon? I really think he deserves someone who’d really love him and be his girl without being compelled, and not end up getting killed in a TV station. *RIP Andie* And then there’s Klaus. I would love to know about his love life. Sure, he’s evil and all but I don’t think he’s completely incapable of love. I’m pretty sure he’s had a wild romance in his distant past and my wild guess is he fell in love with the original doppelganger. *what??!!*
Klaus and Stefan Bromance?

“I’ve forgotten what it was like to have a brother.” -Klaus to Stefan
Klaus made Stefan forget about meeting him and Rebekah. They were obviously running away from someone. Probably from another original vampire? or someone who’s even more powerful than Klaus? I think that’s the main reason why Klaus wants it so bad to build his army of hybrids, to secure himself from the people that he’s been running away from.
Just look at the amusement all over Klaus’ face in the picture. With the way he’s looking at Stefan, I don’t think he’s ever gonna set him free. Something tells me that these two might even become good friends.
Broken Hearts

Poor Caroline (Candice Accola), kidnapped and tortured by none other than her own dad. Surely sunlight stings like hell but it’s nothing compared to being hated by your own father. There, there, vampire barbie. At least, wolfie Tyler is still there at your rescue even after you snuck out on him the other night.
It was painful enough for Elena to be away from her boyfriend, Stefan. But it surely hurt even more to hear him say out loud that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Aww… Sorry, girl. I know it hurts but a big part of me is rejoicing. *Incoming: DELENA Romance.*
  • Too many MIAs in this episode: Bonnie, Jeremy, Matt, Alaric, Vicki and Anna ghosts…
  • And one more thing, I’m just bothered by the scene where Klaus, Stefan and Elena were in the same room. Vampires’ hearing ability are like super sensitive, right? So how come Klaus didn’t realize that someone else, besides him and Stefan, was in the room with them? He should’ve heard her heartbeat! Come on!
Few More Screen Captures:
Katherine in the 20’s. She was there all along! You. Smart. Bitch.

Who could this guy be?  Another original vampire? He’s clearly one of the people whom Klaus is running away from.

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