The Vampire Diaries S03E02: The Hybrid

“You’ve heard of me. Fantastic!” -Klaus (The Vampire Diaries S03E02: The Hybrid)
OMG! It’s official! I’m totally falling for Klaus (Joseph Morgan)! Back in season two, I was like “Klaus is so evil. Please just die.” but now I go “Kya! Bite me, master Klaus! I’m all yours!” How can I resist that dangerous yet so captivating Hybrid aura? Even the way he uses sweet endearments such as “My love” could melt my heart, even if a horrible death awaits me afterwards. Strong, dashing, ruthless, and evil- Klaus is the perfect antagonist, and not to mention, a super hot one! Joseph Morgan really did a wonderful job creating the perfect Klaus. No one else could have done it better than he does.


In the second episode of The Vampire Diaries season three, the story centers at Klaus’ master plan of making hybrid soldiers. Klaus and Stefan (Paul Wesley) found Ray’s pack of werewolves in Smoky Mountains, Tennessee. Poor werewolves. (They were young and most of them were actually good looking.) They didn’t stand a chance against hybrid Klaus. It was so easy for him to have them drink his blood and kill them. But unfortunately, after doing everything that he was told, Klaus couldn’t turn them into hybrids. This upsets him big time, frantically yelling at Stefan, asking what could have gone wrong. Of course, werewolf-bit Stefan knew the answer but he’d never tell Klaus that his doppelganger girlfriend is still alive, which most probably is the cause of Klaus’ dilemma. Poor Klaus. Yes, I kinda feel sorry for him. Despite the fact that he is the villain in this story, Klaus’ frustrated/depressed look in the end really tore my heart. 😦

Meanwhile, after that heart-breaking phone call scene in the previous episode, Elena (Nina Dobrev) decides to track Stefan even without Damon’s help. Accompanied by the self-proclaimed lost cause Alaric (Matthew Davis), she went to Smoky Mountains in Tennessee where she hopes to find Stefan. Now here’s the funniest part of this episode. While taking a break from their ‘hiking’, Elena was talking to Alaric when suddenly, whooosh!- Damon (Ian Somerhalder) unexpectedly appeared from nowhere and pushed her into the river!

Yes, just like that and Elena went ‘Ahhh!’ straight into the water. I couldn’t get over that scene, it was just hilarious! Really didn’t see that one coming. *laughs*

Damon was clearly not happy about what Elena was planning but how could he say no to the (all wet and seductive) girl he loves? They carried on with her Save-Stefan operation but it unfortunately got more dangerous than expected.

They encountered  failure hybrid Ray, who turned into a werewolf even when it wasn’t full moon yet. Realizing that things have become too dangerous especially for Damon, Elena decided to withdraw from plan. Damon was again in a difficult werewolf situation but thankfully, he survived it with Stefan’s help. Way to go again, Stefan.

Then let me share about my favorite part of this episode. The Delena confrontation scene:

D: What changed your mind, Elena?
E: I didn’t wanna see you get hurt, okay? I was… I was worried about you.
D: Thanks.
E: Yes, I worry about you. Why do you even have to hear me say it?
D: Because when I drag my brother from the edge to deliver him back to you, I want you to remember the things you felt while he was gone.

Come again, Damon? I didn’t quite get that. Haha! This is it! I can feel Damon slowly creeping inside Elena’s heart! This better be a good start of a real Delena affair. During that scene, I was afraid that they would kiss because Elena was just staring at Damon’s lips! In my head, I was screaming NO! And boy, I was so relieved when they didn’t. Of course, I would love to finally see a passionate kiss from my favorite love team but I would’ve felt wrong if they had kissed at that moment. It was not the perfect time, yet.

As for Jeremy’s (Steven McQueen) freaky visits from his dead vampire girlfriends, we finally get to have a clue on what’s going on. This time, Vicki (Kayla Ewell) says “I can come back“, while Anna (Malese Jow) says “Jeremy, don’t trust Vicki.” With this, I’m sticking with my theory as mentioned in my previous episode review. That, as consequence of Jeremy’s ‘resurrection’, he has the ability to bring someone back to life. Since Bonnie (Kat Graham) brought him back because of love, he can only bring back someone whom he also loved. Am I right or is there going to be another catch? That, I shall have to wait and see. And where the hell is Bonnie anyway? She better show up soon.

And the big drama in this episode was when Tyler (Michael Trevino) revealed his werewolf curse to his mother. Thank God, Mrs. Lockwood was very motherly in taking the truth. She then promised Tyler that she’ll make sure that nothing happens to Caroline.

The episode ended in a scene where Caroline (Candice Accola) regained consciousness in what seemed to be an empty cellar. Pinned on a chair, she started calling out for Mrs. Lockwood but a man appears instead. Then she called  him ‘Daddy’. (What?!)

One more thing, I just couldn’t get over this feeling of a brewing bromance between Klaus and Stefan. Come to think of it. They’re gonna be stuck with each other for long (I think). Then there’s the big question as to why  Klaus chose Stefan. It couldn’t have been a spur of a moment decision because during the sacrifice ritual (back in season 2), Stefan asked to take aunt Jenna’s place but Klaus refused and said that he had other plans for him. Hmmm….


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