Bitter Life Is Sweet After All

My previous post was filled with thoughts and questions that only God knows the answers to. And the more I dwell in those thoughts, the more I make myself feel worse.
There are times when I get lost into a dull and helplessly miserable state, which I prefer to call the ’emo’ mode. It sucks but what can I do? Sometimes it just seems inevitable. It’s usually caused by stress, frustration, desperation, and other negative feelings. I know I have to stay away from anything negative. Just the word itself- NEGATIVE, screams another word- BAD. Therefore, it clearly won’t do me any good.
I hate myself for wondering about what ifs and comparing my life with others’. But sometimes I just couldn’t help it. With social networking sites becoming popular these days, status updating, checking-in, tweeting, sharing, and others, have become a routine to most people. Shouting to the world about how sweet their life can be or how they can also suck big time. It’s been very easy to know what everybody else in your friends list is doing and how great life’s been for them. That’s when you realize either of these two things:
a. Life is great and almost perfect! You couldn’t even ask for anything else.
b. Life’s too cruel and unfair! You live miserably while others are enjoying theirs.
If you think to yourself and realize that you’re in A-team, congratulations to you!
May the odds be ever in your favor! *In British accent, quoted from one of my favorite books, The Hunger Games*
And if you’re in B for ‘Boo!’ Team, come here and let’s do a group hug! We badly need that. May araw din ang mga taga A-Team na yan! I-A-tim din ang mundo nila. Mwahahahaha! *super-jolly-fragile-plastic-evil laugh* (Charing!)

But seriously, if you’re in Team A, you’re a lucky fella. You might have been a saint in your past life-that is, if past lives really existed. Point is, you’ve been blessed abundantly and you  have all the right to tell the world about it. Good for you! But you may want to be careful not to sound too boastful and discouraging. You may be drowning yourself in life’s sweet juices but please don’t forget that others may be drowning in pain. The last thing they need is a status update implying a ‘My life’s awesome. Too bad yours sucks, loser!’.
And to my team mates in Team B, let’s do ourselves a favor and cut the crap. Yes, life’s been cruel and unfair. But no, this is not the end. Life may not have gone exactly how we want it to but it doesn’t mean we won’t reach the goal we’ve been aiming for. Perhaps God just wanted us to go the long and hard way so that we would emerge a much better person than what we originally envisioned ourselves to become, much stronger and wiser. So let us learn to accept the past and the present. Let’s start forgiving ourselves for the mistakes and disappointments we’ve done. Surely we’ve discovered a lot through them. Let’s stop comparing ourselves with others cause we will never be the same. We have our own livies and adventures to live.
Now let’s make that B from ‘Boo’ to ‘Bullshit’! Bullshit because realization B is never true. God loves us and He’ll never treat us cruelly nor unfairly. Bullshit because we are never miserable. It’s all in the surface. If we take a closer and deeper look at our lives, we will see how lucky we are to be facing all these difficulties because in the long run, we are the ones who will stand stronger than the rest.
Then from ‘Bullshit’, let’s turn that B to ‘Brilliant’! We have the power to create our future. We just have to stay strong and keep fighting. We don’t know what other shit life may throw at us but we just have to be ready for anything. It is exhausting and frustrating sometimes but we should never give up. Let’s turn negativity to positivity.
Team Brilliant, let’s brace ourselves and be ready to face anything…
Bring it on, Life!
We’re gonna make that shit shine in our bright future.

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