The Here-We-Go-Again Talk

Rain on a holiday! Just what I needed. The extremely hot temperature in the past few days is starting to mess up my mood. Not to mention, I feel a cough starting and I hate it already. It’s like I’m catching a cold every month! Seriously! 😦
Everyone in my family stayed home and it was really nice spending the day together. Plus, the weather was comfortable. We didn’t have to use our Super Bagyo fan. I had some things planned to do today but as usual, none of them were accomplished. Cheers to me for being consistent! *smirk*
Late this afternoon, I found myself having one of those here-we-go-again conversations with my mom. I had to listen to stories about her childhood, working student life, and more stories about our family and relatives. The childhood and working student life part, I’ve heard like a gazillion times already. I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes in front her. Not that I didn’t like hearing them but come on, even listening to my favorite Lady Gaga song again and again, and a million more agains in one day would make me go gaga! I know my analogy is not exactly right but it’s the same feeling. And, I knew that those stories would eventually lead to the you-should-be-thankful-you-got-the-easy-life part.Many parents compare their lifestyle before with their children’s lifestyle nowadays. I think it’s safe for me to say that any son/daughter hates it when that happens. For sure, we understand why our parents do that but they don’t really have to say those stuff again and again just to emphasize their point. Parent’s can’t blame their kids when they stop paying attention to those kind of stories. It’s kinda irritating and really boring. (Aw, that might have been too harsh of me.)

This is actually not the topic I initially planned for this post but since I’ve come to this part, then let me just end this with a point. I get that life was tough in the old days and that I’m so lucky to be living in this generation. My parents got through life the harder way but that doesn’t mean that I nor everybody else in this present generation got it easy. We may be living in a more convenient lifestyle but we also face difficult, if not, more difficult struggles and pressure. So please, just lay low or better yet, stop the comparison. We have our own lives to live in different ways but life can still be equally tough in other aspects you may not know.



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